Bring a sweet ending to a great event. From homemade pies to creamy brulee, crunchy cookies to melt-in-your-mouth chocolate dipped strawberries, choose your favorite and share the love. Gluten free and dairy free available.  Looking for a wedding cake — click here.

Cakes, Pies & Creams

  • Homemade shortcakes, berries and whipped cream
  • Mini cheesecakes
  • Crème brulee
  • Tiramisu
  • Brown sugar bourbon cake with whiskey glaze
  • Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
  • Chocolate ganache cake
  • Caramel and chocolate bread pudding, rum sauce
  • Cupcakes with buttercream frosting – lots of flavors to choose from!
  • Seasonal fruit pies, including cherry, peach, apple, berry, strawberry-rhubarb, blueberry
  • Other pies, including bourbon pecan, chocolate, lemon meringue, key lime
  • Peach or blueberry cobbler, with whipped cream
  • Ice cream sundae bar, with ice cream, sauces and toppings

Bars, Cookies & Other Sweet Things

  • Cookies

· Chocolate chip
· Signature Molasses
· Peanut butter
· Wedding cookies

  • Bars

· Baklava
· Lemon Bars
· Raspberry Bars
· Double chocolate brownies
· Blondies
· Dream Bars

  • S’mores with marshmallow and Nutella on graham crackers, dipped in chocolate
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Fresh fruit platters
  • Fruit tarts with creamy filling and colorful fruits in a buttery crust