Small Plates

Here you’ll find tasty bites to get the party started – or choose a variety to make a meal! From polished starters to casual platters and sliders, small plates mean big flavor.

Displayed Selections

  •  Mediterranean platter with hummus, olive, brined peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, fresh mozzarella
  • Antipasto platter with cured meats, brined peppers, olives, fresh mozzarella
  • Bruschetta with olive oil rubbed baguette rounds, tomato, basil, garlic confit, and eggplant caponata
  • Crudité with carrot, celery, red bell pepper, broccoli, green goddess dressing
  • Fresh colorful seasonal fruit platter
  • Cheese display with Colorado goat cheese, Mouco Colorouge, buttermilk blue, sharp cheddar, havarti, manchgeo, gouda and asiago. Served with crackers and flatbreads
  • Smoked salmon platter with dill, lemons, caper and red onions. Served with crackers and flatbreads
  • Caprese with fresh mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil, sundried tomatoes
  • Classic shrimp cocktail with spicy red sauce
  • Crab cakes with remoulade
  • Brie baked in puff pastry, with choice of filling below. Served with crackers and flatbreads.
    (half wheel, serves 15 and a full wheel, serves 30)
    · Chipotle apricot and hazelnut
    · Blackberry jam, masala and cashew
    · Poached pear, toasted pecan
    · Fig jam, walnut, rosemary 
  • Meatballs – $5 
    · Spicy beef with tomato sauce or bbq sauce
    · Buffalo swedish with nutmeg mushroom cream
    · Chicken with chipotle and cheddar with cilantro crema
    · Spinach, garlic and cheese with tomato sauce 
  • Dips and spreads, served with crackers and flatbreads, or tri-color tortilla chips. Choose three
    · Red salsa, medium spice
    · Salsa verde
    · Zesty guacamole
    · Black bean with ancho chile and roasted jalapeno
    · Chile con queso
    · Honey gorgonzola
    · Creamy chile and cotija cheese
    · Spinach, artichoke heart and roasted garlic
    · Roasted red pepper, basil and pine nut
    · Goat cheese with rosemary and pistachio
    · Smoked trout with dill and caper
    · Housemade hummus – choose garlic, chipotle or curried
  • Sliders on a rich buttery roll (1 piece)
    · Grilled zucchini, roast red pepper, pickled red onion, arugula, basil mayo
    · Classic beef with buffalo sauce, cheddar and pickle, ketchup and mustard on side
    · Philly cheese steak
    · Pulled pork, pickle and mustard bbq
    · Pecanwood bacon, lettuce, tomato and basil mayo
    · Tarragon chicken salad 

Passed Selections

  • Crostini, choose two flavors
    · Poached pear, gorgonzola, toast walnut
    · Strawberry, goat cheese, pistachio, balsamic reduction
    · Smoked salmon, apricot horseradish spread, green onion
    · Artichoke heart, sundried tomato pesto, fresh basil
    · Beef, roasted red pepper and basil spread, pinenut
    · Pecanwood bacon, gouda, toasted pecan 
  • Stuffed mushrooms
    · Sausage and cheddar
    · Pork, roasted chile and cheddar
    Blue crab
    Spinach, pinenut and cheese
    Polenta, tomato jam, toasted pinenut 
  • Cucumber rounds
    · Smoked trout, caper, dill and pickled red onion
    · Hummus, orange zest, olive and almond 
  • Mini tacos (1pc)
    · Roast portobello, chipotle apricot sauce, escabeche slaw
    Duck confit, apple-fennel slaw, aioli
    Smoked brisket, kimchee, pear aioli
    · Shrimp ceviche, with mango, serrano chile, avocado 
  • Phyllo shells
    · Duck confit, brie, blackberry
    · Peppery ricotta cheese, strawberry, balsamic reduction, micro basil
    · Seasoned buffalo, jalapeno cream cheese
    · Lamb, tzatziki, tomato jam
    · Spinach artichoke
    · Smoked salmon, guacamole, habanero corn relish
    · Sesame seared ahi, chile peach compote, micro radish, sweet soy
  • Crispy two-bite shells
    · French onion cream, beef, mushroom
    · Homemade mac and cheese, toasted bread crumbs
    · Chicken pot pie
    · Crab, avocado and micro radish
  • Tomato soup shooter with grilled cheese bite
  • Spicy samosa with raita
  • Shrimp and scallop ceviche
  • Grilled corn elote (Summer only)
  • Colorado beer brat with sauerkraut in puff pastry with mustard sauce
  • Italian sausage with peppers and onions in puff pastry with tomato sauce
  • Spicy shrimp skewer with jalapeno mango sauce
  • Buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese sauce
  • Chicken satay with peanut sauce
  • Chorizo stuff dates with pecanwood bacon shingle
  • Asparagus wrapped with prosciutto
  • Piglettes in sleeping bags