Wild Horse Catering presents Sift Cakes…our in-house bakery. Sift Cakes creates delicious, homemade cakes and desserts using real, fresh ingredients and buttercream frostings, real cream, chocolates and fresh fruit, and then we decorate to meet your vision. From simple to over-the-top, let us add a sweet finishing note to your event. Wedding cakes, special occasion cakes, cupcakes, bundt cakes – and lots of other sweet things, too! Call us today for a consultation.

Cake Flavors

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Assorted fruit
  • Assorted nuts
  • Carrot-ginger
  • Red Velvet

Cake Fillings

  • Fruit — assorted
  • Ganache – chocolate or chocolate nut*
  • Cream Cheese
  • Lemon curd
  • Flavored buttercream – assorted flavors (Chocolate, salted caramel, almond, white chocolate mocha and more)
  • Marshmallow and crushed graham crackers
  • Vanilla bean pastry cream


  • Italian meringue buttercream – can be flavored
  • Classic American buttercream – can be flavored
  • Chocolate
  • Cream cheese
  • Fondant*

(Any icing may also be used as a filling)


  • Winter Park – Chocolate — Our chocolate cake, filled with chocolate ganache, frosted with chocolate buttercream
  • Mary Jane – Vanilla — Our vanilla cake, filled with vanilla bean pastry cream, frosted with vanilla buttercream
  • Goofy – Chocolate/Vanilla — Chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, vanilla buttercream
  • Bugs Bunny – Carrot — Carrot ginger cake, orange ginger filling, cream cheese frosting
  • Campfire – Smores — Your choice chocolate or vanilla cake, chocolate ganache, crushed graham crackers, and marshmallow filling, vanilla buttercream, topped with crushed graham crackers, a marshmallow, and chocolate drizzle
  • Wake Me Up Buttercup – Chocolate Espresso — Chocolate espresso cake, salted caramel filling, white chocolate mocha buttercream, topped with a chocolate covered espresso bean and chocolate drizzle
  • Summer Lovin – Raspberry Lemonade — Raspberry cake, lemon curd filling, lavender infused buttercream, topped with a fresh raspberry and candied lemon peel
  • Winter Solstice – Hot Chocolate — Chocolate cake, creamy chocolate fudge filling, vanilla buttercream, topped with chocolate drizzle and mini marshmallows *make it peppermint
  • Ooey Gooey – sticky bun — Cinnamon swirl cake, filled with salted caramel and pecans, topped with vanilla buttercream, a salted caramel drizzle, and more pecans
  • Late Night Snack – Chocolate pretzels — Chocolate cake with a salted caramel filling, chocolate buttercream, and topped with pretzel pieces and more salted caramel
  • Pirates’ Life – Cookies and Cream — A black and white cake made with vanilla cake and crushed cookies, filled with cookies and cream, topped with vanilla buttercream and crushed cookies
  • 26.2 – marathon snickers cupcake — Chocolate cupcake, filled with salted caramel and peanuts, topped with salted caramel buttercream, salted caramel and chocolate drizzle, and more peanuts
  • Home Sweet Home – Apple Pie — Vanilla spice cake, apple cinnamon filling, brown sugar buttercream
  • Braums Sundae – Hot Fudge Sundae — Vanilla cake, filled with chocolate ganache, topped with vanilla buttercream, chocolate drizzle, and a cherry.
  • As You Wish – red velvet — Nothing says true love like our red velvet cake filled with chocolate ganache, topped with a cream cheese frosting, chocolate drizzle, and a delicate chocolate pieceCorona Pass – Rocky road — This chocolate cake, filled with marshmallow cream, is topped with a chocolate buttercream, chocolate drizzle, mini marshmallows, and roasted nuts

(Minimum order of six per flavor)


  • Sheet cake, only available to supplement larger orders. $3-4 per person
  • Simply beautiful, small tiered cake with textured buttercream. $4-5  per person
  • Cupcakes.  $4-5 per person
  • Mid-level cake, with minimal decoration, buttercream icing. $5-6 per person
  • Fondant covered cake. $6-$7 per person
  • Intricate designs with buttercream or fondant. $7-10 depending on level of difficulty

*(Denotes an extra charge)